Monday, June 29, 2015

Acts 12

My dear friend James is dead,

Since Herod's sword took him away.

And I am next, they've said;

In prison only one more day.

I lie on rocky ground

While Drifting in and out of dreams

One dream which I have found

Is more realistic then it seems:

A visitor appears;

Touches my wrists, for what its worth.

And yet, despite my fears,

My chains have fallen to the earth

He leads me past the guard

I now know this is not the end:

My future may be hard

But yet, I still have sheep to tend.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Almost There

A Wall exists, I know not why.
It seems to reach up to the sky.
Beyond it, I can hear the place,
Where my destiny will lie.

I've walked miles to reach this space.
The Journey hard: a grueling pace.
Yet now unless I learn to fly,
The truth, it seems, I now must face:

A wall of stone, I can not burn
My home is gone, I can't return
And wings? Well, I must think again
Some skills we can never learn

I'll walk around it if I can.
Go left? Go right? I'll Choose and then
If I am wrong when I discern.
Like Sisyphus, I'll Start again.