Friday, September 30, 2016

A Cool, Rainy, Fall Morning

As it fell
Upon my house
Against my window
And, frankly, on my soul.

I should tell:
The dirt remained
The pane? More opaque.
And the pain? All too whole.

It can pelt
But also heal
Or lift awesome ships.
But not today. Instead:

What I felt
A subtle pull
Growing each moment
To drag me back to bed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Infinite Possibility

A man has value in his self,
That comes from God above.
But adds to that (and to his shelf),
If great books will he love.

For what he knows and what he dreams
Will come from his own age.
Yet can be stretched beyond his means,
By words typed on a page.

The Nile, Thames, or lovely Seine:
He may not get to go.
But still feels the love and pain
From Shakespeare, Keats, Hugo.

We have but one short chance to live
While bound by time and space.
So take the gift the masters give

To travel any place.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Messenger

He comes to the bridge, and the current, he sees,

Is Swollen, uneven, and deep.

He squints at the sun, then down through the trees

In thought (or is it in sleep).

But now there's no time, for he or his ride,

To rest, or even to think.

The covered span still awaits; his horse trots inside.

At the Inn, they'll both have a drink.

Thanks to small blessings, despite heat and haze,

The roof protects from the sun.

The walls hide distractions and focus their eyes

Away from the water's swift run.

Of these too-few seconds, he takes one or two

In the echoing dark of the bridge.

To ponder his his night; what he must now do:

He shivers, then rides to the ridge.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Blame The Weather

Morning came; the sun? Not in sight
Early on, I felt something not right
Lying there, asking "Why?"
As I looked at the sky
No sign of warm morning light.
Cool, damp zephyrs licked all round my head
Having, with them, subliminal dread
Over us, a grey sky
Looked like it may cry
Yet perennially just sulked, instead

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Torn Asunder

Inside the Holy of Holies, a veil lies on the ground.
Inside the hollowed-out earth, He lies without a sound.
The veil was torn in two before it fell upon the floor
His body, torn apart, was brought down when he breathed no more.

Soon the curtain will be moved, a new one in it’s place.
His body too, will not be found in this cold, empty space.
And yet, despite their simultan’eous tragic fall
They represent opposing truths; and one: no truth at all.

For Jesus’ "missing" body means more than an empty tomb
While a new curtain still will simply hide an empty room.
The open doorway now revealed the emptiness inside
The ark was gone, replaced not with the law, but pious pride.

The sacrifices, valid still, were made by two-faced men.
With Sacrifice of Priest and Victim, they need not be made again.
Thus, while the new veil will seem like the old (it would appear).
His body, Glorified, will breathe upon them, “Do not fear.”

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


If I was like beloved John,
I'd know where I would stand:
Always knowing His affection.

Or even Cain, his brother gone
(Further, by his own hand).
Exiled, yet under protection.

But no, I feel like Lazarus
Entombed, and thus, not there
To hear His grief-filled cry

Now, stumbling through the stench of pus,
A foul shroud all I wear.
I'm saved, alive, but know not why.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Night in the Train Station

After scanning the floor, a lucky break:
There's a bench with an open seat I can take.
Forty-two minutes, my train will arrive,
I sip my coffee: stay awake, stay alive.

Two nearby hobos fight loudly and curse,
"But," I think to myself, "It could always be worse."
And when I get up, I confirm what I think:
In the men's room a man cleans his socks in the sink

I glance at the clock, must be soon, I believe,
But thirty more minutes until my reprieve.
The piped in music's rhythm competes
As a crackhead's rhythmic mantra repeats.

"I don't know, I don't  know, I don't," he intones
While most of us hide our heads in our phones.
I get up once more; find a new bench again,
With eighteen more minutes till I see my train.

A brief pause in this concert: a policeman walks by.
And for a moment I let out a sigh.
My new benchmate smells of many foul things,
And a few feet behind me a raspy voice sings.

Nine minutes remain in this unwanted storm
So I start to meander towards the platform
When suddenly I hear the loudspeaker say
"Just hold on there, fella, there's been a delay."

The passengers turn at this new renege
Avoiding eye contact like it was the plague.
I close my eyes tightly; fall back in my seat,
A Sisyphean encore, the show will repeat.