Friday, September 30, 2016

A Cool, Rainy, Fall Morning

As it fell
Upon my house
Against my window
And, frankly, on my soul.

I should tell:
The dirt remained
The pane? More opaque.
And the pain? All too whole.

It can pelt
But also heal
Or lift awesome ships.
But not today. Instead:

What I felt
A subtle pull
Growing each moment
To drag me back to bed.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Ball

We did not dance to ev'ry tune,
Despite desires on my part.
But when we did (always to soon),
The music stopped, we'd break apart.

I curse these chamber musicians
Each note precise and right on key
Crescendos matching our passions
Until the baton drops on me.

So I hold on to that timeline
When I would lead you on parquet
Your arms, legs, hips all matching mine
Brief movements, smells, few words to say.

But although I led, you controlled.
Your dances planting long, strong strings
Which my heart later, would feel pulled
As I would think of sweeter things.

For though we've not done more than dance,
In those brief moments on the floor.
I hope that soon I get the chance
To see, to say, to feel some more.